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What does it mean for a university to be research-intensive?

I’m applying to colleges this year, and I'm interested in finding a college with a strong research component (I want to major in biology, after all). I've seen the term 'research-intensive'. What exactly does this mean? Are there certain universities that are more research-intensive than others, and how do I identify them? Would they be a good fit for me as a future biology major?

9 months ago

Hi there! I understand that you’re looking for a college with strong research opportunities for your biology major. A 'research-intensive' university typically refers to an institution that places significant emphasis on research, often with substantial funding and resources dedicated to the pursuit of new knowledge and innovation. These universities usually have a higher percentage of faculty engaged in research and may require, encourage, or provide more opportunities for students to participate in research activities.

To identify research-intensive universities, you can look for colleges with high research expenditures, high levels of federal funding, or well-known research facilities associated with their biology department. Some examples are MIT, Johns Hopkins, UC Berkeley, and Stanford. These universities typically have strong programs in the sciences and ample research opportunities for undergraduates.

As a future biology major, attending a research-intensive university could provide you with valuable experiences and connections in the field, and can be a great fit if you are passionate about research and discovery.

9 months ago

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