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Double majoring at Ivy League colleges - feasible or not?

Hey there! I have a strong interest in both of my potential majors and I'm considering applying to Ivy League schools. I'm just wondering, how feasible is it to double major at an Ivy League college? Will I have the time and workload flexibility required? Eager to hear your thoughts, experiences, or advice!

9 months ago

Hey! Double majoring at an Ivy League school is definitely achievable, but it requires careful planning and time management. You should be prepared to handle a heavier workload, so it's important to assess your priorities and interests.

I've known students who have successfully managed a double major by using summers and study abroad opportunities to complete some of the course requirements. Communicating with your academic advisor is crucial, as they can help you navigate the process and offer guidance on course selection.

It's also worth noting that some schools within the Ivy League provide more structural flexibility, which could make double majoring more manageable. For instance, at Brown University, their open curriculum allows students to design their own study plan.

In the end, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons of double majoring for your personal academic goals. Good luck with your decision!

9 months ago

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