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BYU Provo international students

Hey, I'm an international student interested in applying to BYU Provo. What is the international student population like there, and what resources do they offer for international students? Any personal experiences or information would be helpful!

18 days ago

The international student population at Brigham Young University (BYU) Provo makes up a significant percentage of the student body, accounting for approximately 6-8% of the total undergraduate enrollment. Students come from over 100 different countries, providing a diverse and enriching global environment on campus.

BYU Provo offers a wide range of resources and support services to assist international students in their transition to university life in the United States. The International Student and Scholar Services Office (ISSS) is the primary resource center for international students and offers services such as visa and immigration advising, orientation programs for new students, and cultural adjustment assistance. Additionally, ISSS organizes events throughout the year to help international students build a sense of community and connect with their peers.

The university also provides support systems in academic and non-academic areas. On the academic side, the university offers a variety of tutoring and academic support services, including access to the Writing Center and Supplemental Instruction for assistance in difficult courses. Beyond academics, the university has several campus resources to support student well-being, such as the Counseling and Psychological Services and Career Services.

The Multicultural Student Services office is another resource that strives to promote diversity, equity, and understanding among all students. They organize events, activities, and programs that aim to foster unity and respect for one another's cultures and backgrounds. International students can also join various clubs and student organizations that cater to their specific interests and needs, such as the International Students Association or cultural clubs related to their home countries.

From the perspective of international students, many have reported positive experiences at BYU Provo, praising the welcoming community, supportive resources, and opportunities for personal and academic growth. Keep in mind that BYU Provo has a strong religious affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which may influence the campus culture in various ways.

Overall, BYU Provo offers a supportive environment for international students with resources and services designed to assist them in achieving academic success and making the most of their collegiate experience.

18 days ago

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