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Applying Regular Decision after Early Action

Hey guys, I have a question about Early Action. If I apply to a school Early Action and don't get in, can I still apply to that same school through Regular Decision? Or is my only option to wait for the Regular Decision results to come out?

9 months ago

Hey! Great question about the college application process. Early Action (EA) is non-binding, which means if you're not accepted during the EA round, you will automatically be deferred to the Regular Decision (RD) pool. You do not need to submit a new application for the same school. In most cases, your application will be reviewed again, alongside RD applicants.

However, it's always a good idea to check with the specific college you're applying to, as policies may vary. Some schools may provide additional opportunities for you to update your application between EA and RD, such as submitting new test scores or an updated resume. Keep an eye out for such communication from the school and take advantage if offered.

Good luck with your applications, and remember, each school may have some variations to their admissions process, so make sure to research the details carefully!

9 months ago

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