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CWRU Chemical Engineering?

Hey all, I've been researching chemical engineering programs and I came across Case Western Reserve University. Does anyone have any information about their chemical engineering program? I'm curious about the curriculum, reputation, and what the program is like.

24 days ago

Hey there! CWRU's Chemical Engineering program certainly has a lot to offer students in terms of its curriculum and reputation. The program is housed within the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Case Western Reserve University and is highly regarded for its rigorous curriculum, accomplished faculty, and research opportunities.

The curriculum combines fundamental chemical engineering principles with a strong focus on applying these principles to real-world problems. In the first and second years, students typically take courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and general engineering. Thethird and fourth years are primarily dedicated to core chemical engineering courses. These include topics such as fluid mechanics, process design, thermodynamics, reaction engineering, mass transfer, and transport phenomena. Additionally, CWRU offers a number of electives which allow students to specialize in areas of interest, such as biomolecular engineering, energy, polymers, and environmental engineering.

Regarding reputation, CWRU's Chemical Engineering program is quite well-regarded and often ranked among the top programs in the country, making it competitive and respected among both academia and industry professionals. The university also places a strong emphasis on research opportunities, so students have ample chances to get involved with faculty-led projects in various areas such as sustainable energy, advanced materials, and biotechnology.

Additionally, the program incorporates several hands-on experiences for students. For example, senior chemical engineering students are required to participate in a year-long capstone design project wherein they work in teams to design and model a chemical process while addressing safety and sustainability concerns. This experience helps students refine their problem-solving skills and prepares them for the challenges they might face in their professional careers.

Overall, CWRU's Chemical Engineering program offers a well-rounded education that combines theoretical instruction with practical experience. Students in this program can expect to graduate with a strong foundation in chemical engineering principles, hands-on experience, and specialized knowledge in their areas of interest. This positions them well for success in their future careers, whether that's in industry, academia, or research.

24 days ago

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