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Which D3 schools in Wisconsin should I consider?

I've been looking into D3 schools in Wisconsin for both academics and athletics. Can you recommend some good D3 colleges in Wisconsin that offer a strong balance between academics and sports?

28 days ago

Wisconsin has a few Division III schools that could be worth considering for their balance of academics and athletics. Here are two primary options you should look into:

1. Concordia University Wisconsin: Located in Mequon, Wisconsin, Concordia University Wisconsin is a private, Lutheran university. Its athletics program, known as the Falcons, competes in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference (NSIC). Concordia offers a wide range of majors and programs across disciplines, including business, education, nursing, and the liberal arts.

2. Wisconsin Lutheran College: Wisconsin Lutheran College is a private, Lutheran liberal arts college located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The college's athletics program, known as the Warriors, competes in the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference (NACC) at the NCAA Division III level, and has a strong balance between athletics and academics. Wisconsin Lutheran College offers various undergraduate programs in fields like business, natural sciences, education, and the humanities.

While exploring these schools, be sure to consider factors such as available majors, campus environment, and financial aid. Research each institution thoroughly and, if possible, visit their campuses or attend virtual events to get a feel for the college's atmosphere and to see if it aligns with your personal preferences.

28 days ago

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