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Safety around NYU?

Hey everyone, I'm thinking about applying to NYU, but I'm a little concerned about safety in the city. Can anyone from the area tell me if the NYU campus and surrounding neighborhoods are relatively safe?

23 days ago

Of course, safety can be a major concern for students attending urban universities like NYU. The good news is that NYU has several measures in place to help ensure student safety on and around campus. First, NYU's Department of Public Safety provides a 24/7 presence, patrols, and security services. They often coordinate with local law enforcement, monitor the campus using security cameras, and provide safety presentations to the campus community.

NYU's location in Greenwich Village lends itself to a relatively safe area, as well. The neighborhood is well-known for its vibrant atmosphere, which means that it's often lively and filled with people. As with any urban environment, it's important to always be aware of your surroundings and follow basic safety precautions (such as not walking alone late at night).

Another safety measure offered by NYU is the Safe Ride program. This van shuttling service operates within a specific radius around campus, providing students with free transportation during late-night hours. By taking advantage of this service, students can avoid walking alone when it's dark out.

In conclusion, while attending NYU, you should feel reasonably safe so long as you take necessary precautions and utilize the university's safety resources. Remember that crime can occur anywhere, but it's reassuring to know that NYU, like many other urban campuses, has various measures in place to help maintain a safer environment for its students.

23 days ago

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