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Mississippi State University Graduation Rate

Hey everyone! I've been researching Mississippi State University a bit and wanted to learn more about their graduation rate. Can someone please tell me what their graduation rate is, and how it compares to other universities? Thanks in advance!

26 days ago

Hello! Mississippi State University has a 6-year graduation rate of roughly 60%, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). This rate measures the percentage of first-time, full-time students who graduate within 150% of the typical time to complete their degree program, which would be 6 years for most bachelor's degree programs.

To provide context on how this graduation rate compares to other universities, the national average 6-year graduation rate for 4-year colleges and universities is around 62%, so Mississippi State University's graduation rate is quite close to that average. Comparing within the state, the University of Mississippi, for example, has a 6-year graduation rate of approximately 63%, which is slightly higher than Mississippi State University's rate.

Keep in mind that graduation rates may be affected by various factors, such as academic support services, retention efforts, student body demographics, and program offerings. It's important to consider not just the graduation rate, but also other factors, such as academic programs, campus life, and financial aid, when evaluating whether or not a particular university is a good fit for you.

26 days ago

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