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Need advice on choosing between research universities with different sizes and locations!

Hey, everyone! I'm in a bit of a pickle, as I've been accepted into a few research universities, and now I'm having trouble deciding which one to attend. The schools have different sizes and locations, and that's something really important for me. I got into University of Washington, Rice University, and Johns Hopkins University, and I'm interested in pursuing biomedical engineering. Could anyone offer some insights about these schools? What should I prioritize when comparing between the three? Thanks for any advice!

9 months ago

Congratulations on your acceptances! That's an incredible accomplishment! I totally understand your dilemma, as choosing a college can be challenging, given that each one offers unique opportunities and has its own set of strengths.

As for biomedical engineering, all three universities are known for their strong programs. However, when it comes to comparing them, I'd recommend considering factors such as location, campus size, and available resources. It's essential to think about where you see yourself thriving academically and socially.

Urban campuses like UW and JHU might provide a greater variety of internship and career opportunities, but on the other hand, Rice's close-knit community might provide better support and connection to peers and professors.

When my child went through this process, they tried to imagine their day-to-day life at each college – what kind of extracurricular activities they'd be involved in, how they'd connect with faculty, and even the kind of environment they'd be studying and relaxing in. Ultimately, it's those factors that contribute to your overall happiness and success in college.

Take the time to evaluate the schools based on what's important to you, and trust your instincts. Have fun, and good luck in your college journey!

9 months ago

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