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Barnard College English Department

Hey everyone, I've heard great things about Barnard's English department, and I'd love to hear more about the program. Can any current or former students share their experiences, insights, or advice about studying English at Barnard?

17 days ago

Hey there! I'm quite familiar with their English Department and have heard from a number of students who've pursued English studies there, so I'll share what I know.

Barnard's English Department is known for its strong curriculum and interdisciplinary approach. Students have the opportunity to focus on a broad range of topics, from traditional literature and creative writing to film studies and critical theory. The department offers various concentrations, including literature, creative writing, and film studies, allowing you to tailor your studies based on your interests.

Many students appreciate the close-knit community within the department, as well as the dedicated and approachable faculty members. Professors are experts in their respective fields and foster an engaging learning environment through discussion-based classes and workshops. Additionally, Barnard's location in New York City provides students with easy access to literary events, readings, and internship opportunities.

One valuable aspect of the English program at Barnard is the opportunity to take classes at nearby Columbia University, giving you access to an even broader range of courses and faculty. This collaboration also allows you to connect with a larger community of peers with shared interests.

Students who've majored in English at Barnard have gone on to pursue diverse careers in publishing, journalism, education, law, public relations, marketing, and more. Some have also pursued graduate programs in English, creative writing, and other related fields.

Finally, if you're interested in creative writing, you'll find several extracurricular opportunities, like literary magazines and writing clubs, to share your work and collaborate with other writers.

Overall, Barnard's English Department offers a highly-regarded program with interdisciplinary coursework, dedicated faculty, and a vibrant literary community. If you choose to study English at Barnard, you'll likely find a supportive and engaging environment to explore your interests and develop your skills.

17 days ago

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