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Best Majors at University of Chicago?

I've been looking into the University of Chicago and I'm intrigued by their diverse range of majors. Can anyone share their experience or thoughts on some of the best or unique majors that UChicago has to offer?

27 days ago

University of Chicago is well-known for its strong programs, but it particularly stands out in a few areas:

Economics: UChicago has a prestigious economics department, producing numerous Nobel laureates and eminent scholars over the years. The "Chicago School of Economics" has become a recognizable term due to the influential faculty and innovative economic theories developed there.

Public Policy: Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy is highly respected and offers undergraduate majors and minors in public policy studies. Students in this program have access to research opportunities and internships in policy-related fields.

Mathematics: UChicago's math program is likewise quite strong, with an emphasis on theoretical mathematics. Many students participate in the university's math competitions and clubs, which offer a chance to connect with peers who share a passion for problem-solving.

Humanities: UChicago has a rigorous and diverse humanities program, with highly regarded offerings in areas such as philosophy, English, history and various area studies. The Core Curriculum, which all UChicago students must complete, has a strong emphasis on humanities subjects and offers a solid foundation for students majoring in these fields.

Physical Sciences: The university is also strong in the physical sciences, with top programs in physics, chemistry, and geophysical sciences. UChicago has a history of groundbreaking research, including the development of the first nuclear reactor.

Ultimately, the best major at UChicago depends on your individual interests and passions. One of the unique aspects of studying at UChicago is the opportunity to create an interdisciplinary major through the "New Collegiate Division," which allows students to design their curriculum, drawing on courses from across the university. This flexibility encourages students to explore their interests and tailor their academic experience to their individual goals.

27 days ago

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