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ACT score question: Is a 16 good or bad?

I took the ACT for the first time and scored a 16. Is this considered good or bad? Will it hurt my chances for college admissions? Should I retake it to improve my score?

23 days ago

A 16 on the ACT falls in the 25th percentile, which means that 75% of test-takers scored higher than you. While the definition of a "good" score depends on your target colleges and your individual goals, most schools, especially more selective ones, prefer applicants with higher ACT scores. If you're aiming for a more competitive college, a 16 will likely be considered below average, and it could hurt your chances of admissions.

It is definitely recommended that you retake the ACT to improve your score, especially if you're planning to apply to more selective schools. Before retaking the test, consider spending some time preparing through study guides, online resources, or tutoring. Identify the areas where you struggled the most and focus on strengthening those areas.

Additionally, take into consideration the testing policies of the colleges you're interested in. Several colleges have implemented test-optional policies, which means you don't have to submit your test scores if you feel they don't reflect your academic potential. However, submitting a strong ACT score can still benefit your application, particularly for schools that consider test scores for scholarships or financial aid.

In summary, while a 16 isn't a strong ACT score, there's room for improvement. Invest time in preparation, and consider retaking the test to increase your chances of getting into your desired schools and availing better financial aid opportunities. Good luck!

23 days ago

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