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Can you get off college waitlists before May 1st?

Hey guys, I was just waitlisted at one of my dream schools and am feeling kinda worried. Is it possible to get off the waitlist before the May 1st decision deadline? If so, what could I do to improve my chances? Any help would be amazing!

17 days ago

It is possible to be admitted off the waitlist before May 1st, but it's not very common. Colleges usually begin admitting waitlisted students after the May 1st deadline, when they have a better idea of how many admitted students have committed to attending. However, the timing can vary depending on the school, the number of admitted students who commit early, and other factors.

There are a few things you can do to improve your chances of being admitted off the waitlist:

1. Write a letter of continued interest (LOCI): In your letter, demonstrate your passion for the school and update the admissions office about any accomplishments or developments since submitting your application. Be specific about why the school is a great fit for you and how you envision yourself thriving there.

2. Keep up your academic performance: Colleges want to see that you are still maintaining a strong academic record, so don't let your grades slip.

3. Gather additional recommendations: If you know someone who can provide a strong recommendation that adds new information or perspective about your qualifications, consider asking them to write a letter of support for you.

4. Visit the campus or attend virtual events (if possible): While demonstrated interest may not be a determining factor for every college, it can help to show them that you are still genuinely interested in attending their institution. Visit the campus, attend any virtual events offered for waitlisted students, or request an alumni interview if available.

5. Follow the college's instructions closely: Some colleges may have specific requirements or requests for waitlisted students, including submitting additional materials or indicating continued interest through a specific form. Make sure you pay attention to their instructions and adhere to them.

Getting off the waitlist can be unpredictable, and you should still consider and commit to another school by May 1st to ensure you secure your spot at a college. If you're admitted off the waitlist later, you can notify the school you initially committed to that you've decided to attend another institution instead. Keep in mind that you may lose your initial deposit in such cases.

17 days ago

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