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How Good is Princeton's Comp Sci Program?

Hi, I was wondering about the strength of the computer science program at Princeton. How does it rank nationally, and what should I expect if I decide to major in comp sci at Princeton? Thanks for your input!

26 days ago

Princeton's computer science program is highly regarded and consistently ranks among the top programs in the nation. Although specific rankings may vary depending on the source you consult, it is generally found in the top 10, with some sources placing it within the top 5.

Studying computer science at Princeton means you'll have access to world-class faculty, cutting-edge research opportunities, and a robust curriculum. The program is designed to provide strong foundational knowledge in computer science while also providing flexibility for students to explore specialized areas within the field, such as artificial intelligence, security, or graphics. Additionally, Princeton encourages interdisciplinary studies, so you can easily combine your interests in computer science with other areas, like linguistics, cognitive science, or philosophy.

Princeton's computer science program is known for its theoretical focus, so you'll find an emphasis on understanding the underlying principles and algorithms that drive technology. This strong theoretical foundation will enable you to be adaptable as new technologies emerge throughout your career.

As a computer science major at Princeton, you should expect a rigorous and challenging academic experience with ample opportunities to engage in research and extracurricular activities. Princeton's resources, clubs, and organizations related to computer science can help you further your interests, network with like-minded students, and develop important skills.

In summary, Princeton's computer science program is highly respected and nationally prominent, offering its students a top-tier education, extensive research opportunities, and a strong foundation for future success in the field.

26 days ago

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