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MSU diversity statistics

I've been researching MSU and I'm curious about how diverse the student body is. Can someone help me find some demographics or diversity stats?

25 days ago

Sure, let me provide you with the most recent diversity data for Michigan State University:

- White: 70.6%

- African American: 7.0%

- Hispanic/Latino: 6.9%

- Asian: 8.5%

- Native American: 0.3%

- Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0.1%

- Two or more races: 4.4%

- International students: 5.7%

- Race and ethnicity unknown: 2.2%

Please note that these percentages are approximate and may change slightly from year to year. While looking at these statistics, it's essential to remember that diversity includes more than just race and ethnicity, such as socioeconomic background, geographic region, and various other factors that contribute to the unique perspectives and experiences of the student body.

25 days ago

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