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Does Cal State Fullerton offer online classes?

I'm starting to plan my college search, and I'm just wondering if Cal State Fullerton offers online courses or a fully online program. I want to make sure I have flexibility in my schedule because of work and family obligations. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

27 days ago

Yes, Cal State Fullerton offers online courses, as well as fully online programs. They provide a variety of online courses across different departments, allowing students to have flexibility in their schedules and better balance their work and family obligations.

In addition to individual online courses, Cal State Fullerton offers several fully online degree programs, primarily at the graduate level. Some of these programs include the Master of Science in Information Technology, Master of Science in Education (with various concentrations), and Master of Social Work. While undergraduate online programs are limited, you may still find certain online courses to accommodate your needs.

When planning your college search, it's important to research each institution's online offerings and find the right fit for your personal situation and educational goals. Be sure to review the course catalogs, academic programs, and other resources on the institution’s website or reach out to the admissions office to get more information about specific online courses and degree programs.

27 days ago

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