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Do people consider Tufts to be a research university?

Hi everyone, I've been exploring different colleges and Tufts University is one of my options. I've heard it might be considered a research university, but I'm not sure. Can anyone confirm this, and if so, what kind of research opportunities are available to undergrads? Thank you!

9 months ago

Hello! Yes, Tufts University is indeed considered a research university. It is classified as an 'R2: High research activity' institution by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

Tufts is well-known for its research across a wide range of fields, including engineering, international relations, life sciences, and more. Undergraduates have plenty of opportunities to get involved in research projects, often as early as their first year. Many students secure research positions through the Tufts University Research & Scholarship (TURS) program, which connects undergraduate students with faculty research mentors.

Additionally, the university offers research-focused scholarships like the Laidlaw Scholarship, which provides funding for a two-year research project under a faculty mentor, and the Summer Scholars program, where selected students receive funding to conduct faculty-mentored summer research.

Make sure to explore Tufts' website and reach out to their admissions office or specific departments to learn more about the research opportunities that align with your interests. Good luck in your college search!

9 months ago

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