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Is the early decision agreement legally binding?

I've heard that if you apply early decision and get accepted, you're legally bound to attend that school. But is that actually true? What happens if you can't afford the tuition or change your mind about where you want to go? I'm feeling a little stressed about this whole process and would really appreciate any advice. Thank you!

9 months ago

Hey there! I understand your concerns about early decision (ED) agreements. It's true that when you apply ED, the expectation is that you'll enroll in the college that accepts you. However, the agreement isn't legally binding in the strict sense. The primary purpose of this agreement is to ensure mutual commitment between the student and the institution.

If there's a legitimate reason, such as financial constraints making it impossible to attend, colleges usually release students from their commitment. In case you're not able to agree on an adequate financial aid package with the institution, you should openly communicate your situation with the college's financial aid office.

On the other hand, changing your mind without a strong reason may not be looked upon favorably by the college, and it could potentially impact your reputation within the admissions community. So, it's important to be sure when applying ED. Best of luck in your college application process!

9 months ago

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