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Location of GCSU?

Hi everyone! I'm trying to learn more about GCSU, but I'm not quite sure where it's located. Does anyone have information on its location and the campus environment?

28 days ago

GCSU, also known as Georgia College & State University, is located in Milledgeville, Georgia. Milledgeville is a small city with a rich history, situated about 90 minutes southeast of Atlanta.

The campus itself has a beautiful, traditional layout with red-brick buildings and many green spaces. It blends seamlessly with the surrounding historic district, offering a charming and welcoming environment for students. Given its smaller size, the town offers a more relaxed atmosphere, but there are still various local shops, restaurants, and points of interest nearby. Plus, its proximity to Atlanta allows for easy access to a larger city when you want to explore a more urban environment.

Georgia College & State University is a public liberal arts institution that emphasizes student engagement, hands-on learning, and a strong sense of community. Students here enjoy access to quality education, extracurriculars, and a vibrant campus life in a comfortable and friendly setting.

28 days ago

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