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UNC's EXSS major? Recommendations or experiences?

So I'm really interested in majoring in Exercise and Sports Science (EXSS) at UNC. Anyone currently enrolled in the program or have any recommendations? How are the classes and professors, and what kind of opportunities are available for hands-on experience?

23 days ago

It's wonderful that you're interested in UNC's Exercise and Sports Science (EXSS) major! I can provide a general overview of the program, opportunities for hands-on experience, and what many students have said about the classes and professors.

The EXSS major at UNC is designed to provide you with a strong foundation in the scientific principles and practical aspects surrounding exercise and sports. This major consists of core requirements such as classes in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and biomechanics, as well as a range of electives for you to choose from according to your interests.

The classes in this major are generally considered well-taught and engaging. Many students appreciate the quality and dedication of the professors, who often make themselves available for office hours and provide valuable feedback throughout the semester. As with any major, there might be some variations in experience among the different classes and professors, but overall, the EXSS program at UNC is highly regarded.

One of the distinguishing features of UNC's EXSS major is the abundance of opportunities for hands-on experience. For example, students can get involved with research by volunteering in faculty labs or even pursuing an honors thesis. Additionally, UNC offers a field experience program where you can intern with organizations such as sports medicine clinics, hospitals, strength and conditioning facilities, and various athletic departments. This field experience helps you understand the practical applications of your coursework and can be a valuable networking opportunity for your future career.

Lastly, many EXSS graduates pursue careers in a variety of fields including coaching, sports management, physical and occupational therapy, medicine, public health, and research. Some students also continue their education by attending graduate programs in related disciplines.

Remember to take advantage of UNC's resources such as academic advisors and career counseling services to make the most out of your major and find opportunities tailored to your interests.

Good luck!

23 days ago

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