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UCLA as a research university for physics?

Hello! I'm a junior who's considering applying to UCLA. I know it's a public research university, but I'm curious about the research opportunities available for physics majors. Does anyone have any insight into the quality of their research program in this area? Thanks in advance!

9 months ago

Hey there! My child is majoring in physics at UCLA, and I can provide some insight into their opportunities. First and foremost, UCLA has a fantastic physics program that covers a broad range of topics in both theoretical and experimental physics. The faculty includes several Nobel Prize winners and internationally renowned researchers, which speaks volumes about the quality of research being conducted there.

One popular avenue for research is the Undergraduate Research Centers (URCs) which offer a wide variety of possibilities for students across all majors. There's also the possibility to collaborate with professors on their research projects or work on your own research proposals. My child was fortunate enough to work with a professor during the summer after their sophomore year, and had a great experience diving deep into experimental physics.

Overall, UCLA provides numerous research opportunities for physics students, making it a great choice if you're passionate about this field. Best of luck!

9 months ago

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