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Can anyone explain the difference between early decision 1 and 2?

Hi guys, I keep hearing about early decision 1 and early decision 2, and I'm a bit confused about their differences. Can someone please explain how they differ from each other and why some colleges have two separate rounds of ED? Also, are there any benefits to applying during either round? Thanks in advance!

9 months ago

Hello! The main difference between early decision 1 (ED1) and early decision 2 (ED2) is their respective deadlines and decision notification dates. ED1 typically has a deadline around November 1st and decisions are released in mid-December. ED2 has a deadline around January 1st and decisions are usually announced in mid-February. Both are binding agreements you make with a college, so applying in either round means you are committing to attending if you are accepted.

Colleges offer two separate ED rounds to provide more flexibility for students who need extra time to prepare their applications, or to decide on their first-choice school. One advantage of applying in ED1 is that acceptance rates are generally the highest of the three cycles (ED1, ED2, and regular decision), as every spot in the class is available, whereas by the time even ED2 rolls around, sometimes over half the spots have been filled in ED2.

That being said, committing to attending a school obviously takes all your other options off the table if you're accepted, so the boost in your chances of acceptance doesn't come without a cost. Make sure you've spent time thinking about your priorities and discussing them with your family before you decide to hit submit.

Good luck with figuring out which round is right for you to submit your application!

9 months ago

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