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How can I find research opportunities at the colleges I'm looking at?

Hi there, I'm a high school junior just starting the college search process. I'm really interested in getting involved with research during my undergraduate years, but I'm not sure how to go about finding these opportunities at the schools I'm looking into. Is there a specific section on college websites I should be looking at, or should I just reach out to the admissions office or department of my intended major? Thanks for the help!

9 months ago

Hi! It's great to hear that you're interested in undergraduate research opportunities. Each college's website may have its own approach to showcasing research opportunities, but there are a few common places you can look to find the information you need.

Start by visiting the department website of your intended major, as many departments will have a section dedicated to research opportunities, including how to get involved, faculty research interests, and resources available to students. Next, investigate the office or center for undergraduate research on campus. This can often be found on the college's 'Academics' or 'Student Life' page and can provide additional details about university-wide research programs and funding. There may also be a section of the admissions page dedicated to showcasing research opportunities.

Finally, reaching out to the admissions office or department directly is never a bad idea. They can direct you to the most relevant resources and contacts. Plus, talking to a real person will give you a more concrete sense of how the school's resources align with your own research goals. Best of luck in your college search and future research endeavors!

9 months ago

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