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Fashion Colleges in Georgia?

Hey guys! I'm looking into studying fashion design in Georgia, and I'm struggling to find a comprehensive list of colleges that offer fashion programs. Can anybody recommend some schools to check out?

23 days ago

Hi there! I understand you're looking for fashion design programs in Georgia. Here's a brief list of some colleges and universities in Georgia that offer fashion degrees or are known for their fashion-related programs:

1. Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD): SCAD, located in Savannah, is one of the most well-known art and design schools in the nation. They offer bachelor's and master's programs in fashion, including concentrations in apparel design, accessory design, and business of fashion. SCAD has a strong reputation in the fashion industry and often hosts events, such as fashion shows and panels, to showcase student talent and provide networking opportunities.

2. Georgia State University: Located in Atlanta, Georgia State University offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design, focusing on skills such as apparel construction, pattern making, draping, and computer-aided design (CAD).

3. University of Georgia (UGA): UGA in Athens offers a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising through their College of Family and Consumer Sciences. While this program is focused more on the business side of the fashion industry, it still covers aspects like fashion product evaluation, consumer behavior, and merchandising strategies.

4. Clark Atlanta University: Also located in Atlanta, Clark Atlanta University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. This program emphasizes the technical and creative aspects of fashion design, including computer-aided design, apparel construction techniques, and tailoring.

As you evaluate your options, don't forget to consider factors such as location, size, tuition, additional resources, and the opportunities available to students in each program. Reach out to the admissions offices of these universities or attend open houses and info sessions to get more information about their fashion design offerings. Good luck in your search!

23 days ago

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