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Can you be deferred or waitlisted from Early Action (EA)?

Hi guys, I'm considering applying Early Action to my top few choice schools, but I was curious what would happen if I didn't get admitted straight away? Can you be deferred or waitlisted when applying EA, or would that only apply to Regular Decision applicants?

9 months ago

Hi there! Yes, you can be deferred or waitlisted when applying through Early Action. If you're deferred, it means the college is postponing its admission decision and will reconsider your application during the Regular Decision round. Being deferred doesn't guarantee acceptance or rejection; it's just a way for the school to evaluate more applications before making a decision on yours.

On the other hand, being waitlisted means that the college has neither accepted nor denied you, and your application remains under consideration. If a spot opens up in the school's incoming class, they may pull candidates from the waitlist to fill those spots. Waitlists can be unpredictable, and there isn't a guaranteed timeframe for when a decision will be made.

Remember that applying EA doesn't negatively impact your chances of getting in, so go ahead and apply to your top choice schools! Good luck!

9 months ago

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