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Do colleges put more emphasis on junior year?

I've heard that colleges tend to focus more on a student's performance during junior year compared to the other years in high school. Is this true, and if so, why is that the case?

9 months ago

It's true that colleges often place a significant emphasis on a student's performance during junior year. There are several reasons for this focus:

One reason is that junior year is generally considered to be the most challenging academically as students typically take on more advanced coursework. This provides admissions officers with valuable insight into a student's ability to handle rigorous college-level material.

Furthermore, junior year often includes important standardized testing, such as the SAT or ACT, which can play a crucial role in college admissions decisions. Colleges are interested in how well you perform on these tests during junior year as it is an opportunity to demonstrate your academic skills.

Lastly, because applications are submitted early in senior year, junior year grades are the most recent when admissions committees review applications. While your freshman and sophomore year grades are still important, junior year can be viewed as a more accurate representation of your current academic abilities.

9 months ago

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