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Can you be deferred from early decision?

Hello everyone! I'm currently preparing for college applications and looking to apply early decision to my dream school. However, I'm wondering if it's possible to be deferred from early decision, and if so, what are the chances of getting admitted in regular decision after being deferred? Any tips on how to strengthen my application in case I'm deferred would be greatly appreciated!

9 months ago

Hi there! Yes, it's indeed possible to be deferred from early decision. When a college defers your early decision application, it means they have not made a final decision on whether to accept or reject you, and they'll reevaluate your application in the regular decision pool.

The chances of getting admitted in the regular decision round after being deferred can vary depending on the college and its applicant pool that year. However, don't lose hope! You can still work on strengthening your application before the regular decision deadline.

One way to improve your application is to update your college with any significant achievements or awards you've received since submitting the early decision application. You could also ask your school counselor or a teacher to write an additional letter of recommendation that highlights your strengths and dedication to learning. If you have the opportunity to raise your grades in your current classes, or even take an additional class that is relevant to your major or area of interest, these could be helpful as well.

Lastly, consider writing a letter to the admissions office expressing your continued interest in their college and providing an update on your extracurricular activities or volunteer experiences. Best of luck with your college applications, and keep a positive mindset!

9 months ago

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