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How to prepare for senior year of high school

Hi everyone! I'm currently a junior, and I want to start preparing for my senior year. What should I focus on in terms of academics, extracurricular activities, and overall making the most out of my senior year of high school?

9 months ago

Hi! It's great that you're thinking ahead and want to make the most of your senior year. In terms of academics, I'd recommend prioritizing your core classes and maintaining strong grades throughout the year. Colleges do look at your senior-year grades, so it's essential to finish strong!

For extracurricular activities, focus on the areas where you're already passionate and involved. Try to deepen your commitment and perhaps take on leadership roles if possible. Rather than spreading yourself too thin by joining multiple new clubs or organizations, emphasizing quality over quantity will help you stand out.

To make the most of your senior year overall, try to strike a balance between academics, extracurriculars, and enjoying your final year of high school. Spend time with friends and attend events like prom and homecoming if you can. Senior year can be busy, but remember to cherish these moments because they'll be memories you'll look back on fondly in the future. Good luck!

9 months ago

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