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Illinois D2 colleges?

Hey everyone! I'm wondering which D2 colleges are located in Illinois? I'm very interested in playing sports at the college level. Any experiences or insights to share about these schools?

17 days ago

There are several NCAA Division II (D2) colleges in Illinois where you can compete in sports while pursuing your academic goals. Here's a list of D2 colleges in Illinois:

1. Lewis University: Located in Romeoville, Lewis University offers a range of sports programs such as basketball, track and field, volleyball, tennis, and golf, among others. The university is known for its strong athletic programs and resources, providing student-athletes with solid coaching and training facilities.

2. University of Illinois Springfield (UIS): UIS is known for its competitive sports teams, the Prairie Stars. They compete in sports like basketball, soccer, cross country, golf, and others. As a public university, UIS also offers a variety of academic programs and opportunities for research and involvement on campus.

3. McKendree University: Located in Lebanon, McKendree University is a small liberal arts college that offers student-athletes a supportive atmosphere and strong coaching. Sports available at McKendree include wrestling, tennis, basketball, and baseball, among others.

4. Quincy University: As a private, liberal arts university, Quincy is situated in the city of Quincy. The Hawks compete in basketball, track and field, cross country, soccer, golf, and various other sports. The reliable athletic programs and solid academic offerings make it an appealing choice for student-athletes.

5. Lincoln College: Offering both two-year and four-year degree programs, Lincoln College provides various sports programs for the Lynx, including wrestling, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, and volleyball. This small community-focused institution offers student-athletes personalized attention and support in their academic and athletic pursuits.

As you consider these D2 colleges in Illinois, I encourage you to research their academic programs, campus life, and athletic facilities. It's essential to choose a school that aligns with your academic interests and offers a balance between sports and your education. Reaching out to coaches, attending campus visits, and talking to current student-athletes can provide valuable insights into what it's like to be part of these athletic programs. Best of luck with your college search!

17 days ago

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