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Miami Ohio Student Population

Hey everyone, I'm considering applying to Miami University in Ohio, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the student population there. Are there a lot of diversity, and what's the community like on campus? Thanks in advance!

20 days ago

Hello! Miami University in Ohio has a decent-sized student population, with approximately 16,500 undergraduate students enrolled. In terms of diversity, Miami University is making an effort to increase its diverse student body, but there is still room for improvement.

As of Fall 2022, 80% of the student population identified as White, 5% identified as Hispanic/Latino, 3% identified as Black or African American, 3% identified as Asian, <1% identified as Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, <1% identified as American Indian or Alaska Native, 4% identified as two or more races, and 5% identified as international students.

The campus community at Miami University is often regarded as friendly and engaged. There are over 600 student clubs and organizations, spanning various interests and fostering an active campus life. Additionally, Miami University has a strong Greek life presence, with around 30-35% of the students participating in it. While Greek life can impact the social scene, there are plenty of other options for students who may not want to join a fraternity or sorority.

Overall, Miami University offers a welcoming campus community that allows students to explore their interests, form connections, and create a well-rounded college experience. However, it's essential to visit the campus if possible or attend virtual events to get a more accurate sense of the community and student life, as individual experiences may vary. Good luck with your college search!

20 days ago

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