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Graduation rate of Northwestern University?

Hey guys, I'm currently researching different universities and I've been looking into Northwestern University. I was wondering if anyone knows what the graduation rate looks like for this school, or any information regarding how successful students are in finishing their degree programs on time.

16 days ago

The graduation rate at Northwestern University is quite impressive. As of the most recent data, the 4-year graduation rate is approximately 84%, and the 6-year graduation rate reaches around 95%. These high numbers indicate that the majority of students at Northwestern are able to successfully complete their degrees within the standard time frame.

Keep in mind that graduation rates can be affected by various factors, such as the rigor of the program, the support system in place for students, and the overall culture of the university. Northwestern's strong graduation rates suggest that the university provides a supportive environment that enables students to excel academically and complete their degrees in a timely manner.

16 days ago

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