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What's the Admissions Scoop on California Institute of the Arts?

Hey everyone, I'm deep into researching all my potential college choices and I've been thinking about California Institute of the Arts a lot. Can anyone shed some light on what their admission requirements are like? Like do they place a lot of emphasis on portfolio or is it more GPA and SAT/ACT scores?

17 days ago

California Institute of the Arts, often referred to as CalArts, is a school renowned for its arts-focused curriculum. Admission to this school is unique as it involves a combination of academic and artistic evaluations.

From an academic standpoint, CalArts requires the submission of transcripts and considers your high school GPA. Unlike many colleges, CalArts is test-optional and has been since before the pandemic, meaning SAT and ACT scores are not required.

However, the bulk of attention is paid towards your creative ability—specifically, your portfolio or audition, depending on the program you're applying to. This should demonstrate your creativity, talent, and potential as an artist within your chosen field. Your portfolio or audition is a crucial component of your application, as the school is dedicated to nurturing creative talent.

You will also need to provide a statement of intent that describes your artistic and academic goals, as well as why you are attracted to the program in question at CalArts. This is a good opportunity to exemplify your interest in their unique offerings, dedication to your craft, and how you believe CalArts will assist in achieving your personal and artistic goals.

Lastly, two letters of recommendation are also required. Ideally, these should be from instructors or professionals who are familiar with your work and can speak to your potential as an artist.

Overall, CalArts places great emphasis on an applicant's artistic talent, commitment to their craft, and their personal vision. So while academics are noted, the programs are more portfolio- or audition-focused. Putting a lot of effort into these elements of your application can certainly help your chances at admission.

17 days ago

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