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Do colleges care about your freshman year?

Hey everyone, I've been hearing mixed opinions about this. How much do colleges actually care about freshman year grades? Will a rocky start affect my chances in the admissions process?

9 months ago

Hey there! It's true that opinions on this topic can vary quite a bit. In general, colleges do look at your entire high school transcript, including freshman year grades. But worry not, a rocky start doesn't mean your chances at admissions are lost.

Colleges tend to place more weight on the grades from your sophomore and junior years, as well as the first half of your senior year. If you show significant improvement and upward trend in your grades over the years, it can demonstrate your resilience and growth.

Focus on doing well in your remaining high school years, and if you're given the opportunity, you could even explain the circumstances behind your freshman year performance in your application. Colleges value growth and maturity, so demonstrating that you've learned from a rocky start can help in the admissions process.

9 months ago

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