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do senior year ap scores matter

I am planning on taking a few AP exams in my senior year, but I'm a little bit stressed about whether colleges will care about these scores. Will colleges consider these scores for admissions, or are they just for determining course placement/credits once I'm admitted?

9 months ago

Senior year AP scores generally aren't a major factor when it comes to college admissions. Most admissions decisions are made before AP scores from senior year are even available. Colleges mainly use your AP scores from previous years, along with other factors like GPA, extracurriculars, and standardized test scores, to make their decisions.

That being said, senior year AP scores can still be helpful once you're admitted. Many colleges will give you credit for passing scores on your AP exams, and this can potentially save you time and money in college by allowing you to skip certain courses or even graduate earlier.

While it's good to do well on your AP exams, try not to stress too much over the outcomes. Focus on maintaining a strong GPA, preparing for standardized tests, and showcasing your strengths and accomplishments through your application materials.

9 months ago

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