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National Ranking of Cal Poly Pomona

Hi everyone! I'm considering Cal Poly Pomona and was wondering about its national ranking. Do you think the school's prestige matters when it comes to job hunting after graduation? Please share your thoughts and experiences!

19 days ago

Cal Poly Pomona is known for its strong programs in engineering, architecture, and agriculture which often hold very competitive national rankings because of their rigorous academic curriculum and high student outcomes.

As for whether the school's prestige matters during a job hunt, it's not typically the most critical factor. Generally, employers are more interested in your skills, experiences, practical knowledge, and how well you're able to apply them. The reputation of your university may open some doors, especially immediately after your graduation, but ultimately employers are looking for tangible skills and knowledge.

Demonstrating your proficiency through internships, research projects, or other forms of work experience during your college years can play a significant role in giving you an edge in the job market. Applying the skills you learn at Cal Poly Pomona in a real-world context will endow you with the experience many employers seek. You may want to consider utilizing their career services and alumni network as a resource for job hunting, too!

So, a college's prestige is definitely something to consider, but it won't make or break your career. It's best to keep in mind other factors, like how well the school aligns with your academic and career goals, culture and fit, and financial considerations.

19 days ago

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