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Any Info about Liberal Studies at Cal Poly SLO?

Greetings! Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone have info about Cal Poly SLO's Liberal Studies program? What are your thoughts about it?

21 days ago

Cal Poly SLO's Liberal Studies program is designed as a pre-professional program for students planning to enter elementary education, where they would be teaching a diverse range of subjects. The curriculum is broad-based which allows students to take classes in various fields including language arts, math, science, social sciences, and arts.

One unique aspect of this program at Cal Poly is that students get a liberal studies degree with a concentration rather than a traditional minor. Concentrations include subjects such as Spanish, Reading & Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Sociology, ESL & Bilingual Education, and more. Essentially, you'll be majoring in Liberal Studies while gaining in-depth knowledge in a specific area of your interest.

Another perk is that students receive opportunities for hands-on educational experiences early and often. Cal Poly is known for its "learn by doing" teaching philosophy and this certainly applies to the Liberal Studies program, as well. Early on in the program, students take part in fieldwork, observing and assisting in local classrooms. This practical experience continues to increase as students progress through the program.

However, keep in mind that if you're thinking about pursuing this program with a goal other than becoming an elementary educator, you might want to look into the specifics of the curriculum to ensure it aligns with your career interests. Also, remember that Cal Poly SLO is known for its proud orientation toward science and engineering, so resources and programming are often skewed in that direction.

Overall, the program seems well-suited for someone who wishes to get into elementary education, but may not be the best fit for all students interested in the liberal arts more broadly. If you have the opportunity, I recommend reaching out to the faculty or even students in the program for an insider perspective.

21 days ago

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