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Colleges with animal biology programs?

I'm a junior starting my college search, and I'm super passionate about working with animals. I'm trying to find colleges that offer strong animal biology programs. Has anybody here looked into these programs before or know a thing or two about them?

20 days ago

Let's first distinguish between schools known for their strong Biology programs versus those known for Zoology or Animal Science, as these are all relevant but differ in some ways:

Biology programs can provide a broader foundational knowledge, and you might typically find specializations or tracks relating directly to Animal Biology here. Incredible Biology programs can be found at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Stanford, among others.

Zoology, specifically focusing on animal biology and behavior, is another great choice. It's offered in strong departments at schools like Colorado State University, University of Florida, and Oregon State University.

Animal Science would be another interesting choice if you're considering a career working with animals in a more applied, perhaps even agricultural, context. Universities like Cornell, Texas A&M, and University of California Davis all have acclaimed Animal Science programs.

Remember, it's equally important to look at what kinds of research opportunities or co-curriculars are available at these schools. The context of practical application through internships and research can significantly enhance the classroom experience. You might want to investigate what kind of relevant student organizations, internships, or faculty research projects are available at the colleges you're considering.

20 days ago

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