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Track and Field at College Level?

Stepping into junior year and am part of my high school's track and field team. Any recommendations for colleges with robust track programs? Love to keep running in college!

24 days ago

Sure, I can definitely point you to a few colleges known for their thriving track and field programs.

Stanford University has an excellent track and field program. They consistently rank high nationally, reflecting the quality of their coaching and resources.

University of Oregon is another superb option, with Eugene, Oregon often referred to as "TrackTown, USA." They have world-class training facilities and a rich history in track and field.

Another Pac-12 school known for track and field is University of Southern California. USC combines a strong athletics program with a well-regarded academic reputation.

If staying on the East Coast is important to you, University of Florida and Florida State University both have highly competitive programs.

That being said, the college athletic recruitment process can be quite extensive and always starts with reaching out to coaches, sending introductory emails with your track times and other athletic and academic achievements.

Remember, you should always focus on a good balance between a good track and field program and the academic priorities that matter to you. Good luck with your search!

24 days ago

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