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Wrestling Programs in Cali Colleges?

Hey, peeps! I'm super into wrestling and was wondering if anyone knew offhand some colleges in California with wrestling teams? Any help greatly appreciated!

21 days ago

You're in luck! There are indeed several colleges in California with wrestling programs. These schools are known to have active wrestling teams:

1. California Polytechnic State University, also known as Cal Poly, in San Luis Obispo has a Division I wrestling program. They're part of the Pac-12 conference.

2. Stanford University in Stanford, despite attempting to cut its wrestling program recently, has kept the program going through community and alumni support. They're also part of the Pac-12 with a highly competitive Division I team.

3. California Baptist University in Riverside has a program as well. It's a Division I Independent program.

4. Fresno State University in Fresno had restarted its program after discontinuing it for a while, they are also a Division I wrestling program part of the Big 12.

5. Menlo College in Atherton and Simpson University in Redding, while smaller schools, offer competitive NAIA wrestling programs.

You'll find that college wrestling can be quite different from high school. The competition level is higher, and the commitment is greater, but it's a fantastic way to continue doing what you love in college. Good luck with your college search and future wrestling endeavors!

21 days ago

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