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Thoughts on Computer Science at Colby

Has anyone here majored in Computer Science at Colby? I’d love to know more about the quality of the courses, the faculty, and the overall experience. Anything you can share would help a lot! Thanks in advance.

16 days ago

Colby College has a fairly strong computer science program, but keep in mind that it's a liberal arts college, so the focus is going to be a bit different than if you were at a larger university with a dedicated engineering or tech college.

Classes are typically small, so you will have more personalized attention from your professors, which is excellent when it comes to debugging code or understanding complex CS concepts that often lead to lots of questions. The professors are quite experienced in their respective fields, well-qualified, and are generally quite good at teaching.

Undergraduates at Colby have ample opportunity to get involved in research as well, which many students have described as one of the highlights of their academic experience. This provides a more practical element to your studies and can also be beneficial when it comes to future job prospects or applying to graduate school.

In terms of coursework, Colby's curriculum is rigorous and integrated with other disciplines. You can expect to gain a solid foundation in programming, algorithms, data structures, and theory, but will also be encouraged to apply these concepts to problem-solving in a broader context. This approach is very much in line with the liberal arts philosophy.

Additionally, the college has partnerships with organizations in the technology industry for internships, giving students opportunities to gain real-world experience. Many companies also come there to recruit, so there are good job prospects after graduation.

Though it might not be a household name in the tech community like Stanford or MIT, many students have gone on to successful careers in the tech industry after graduating from Colby.

16 days ago

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