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Student to Faculty Ratio at Cornell?

I've been scoping out Cornell for quite some time now, and I'm curious about the learning environment. Does anyone happen to know the student to faculty ratio there? Do students generally feel it's manageable or too overwhelming?

22 days ago

The current student to faculty ratio at Cornell University is about 9:1, which is indicative of small class sizes and greater opportunity for individual attention from professors. This ratio is quite good, as lower student to faculty ratios tend to mean more individualized instruction and often a more active learning environment.

However, this statistic only tells part of the story. You have to remember that the ratio might vary depending on your major or the specific course. In general, introductory classes tend to be larger, while upper-level courses within your major tend to be smaller. Additionally, some colleges within Cornell may have a lower ratio than others.

As for the student perspective, feedback tends to be varied. Some students do express that they enjoy the collaborative environment and are able to build strong relationships with their professors, while others may find large lecture-style classes less engaging. It depends on personal learning preferences. The availability of professors and the ease of communication can also vary based on individual professors and departments.

Remember, it's always a good idea to reach out to current students or alumni if possible, to get a direct perspective on their experiences.

22 days ago

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