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International students studying at Georgia Tech?

Hey everyone, I'm an international student considering Georgia Tech for my undergrad. Any current or past international students here that could share their experience? Is there a strong support system for us?

16 days ago

Response: Georgia Tech indeed has a vibrant international student community and provides a wealth of resources to support their unique needs. One of them is the Office of International Education (OIE), which offers a range of services from initial visa documentation to cultural integration sessions and workshops.

For instance, there's a program called iGniTe Summer Launch Program for first-year students to get acquainted with the campus and Atlanta, and to take some orientation courses in the summer before the fall semester starts. This helps a lot because you get to know your way around and make some friends before the school year begins.

On a personal level, the community is quite engaged. There's a variety of globally-focused student organizations where you can find companionship and a sense of home away from home. Some of these clubs host cultural nights and international festivals, fostering awareness about diverse cultures and creating a supportive atmosphere.

Even outside of Georgia Tech, Atlanta itself is very diverse and cosmopolitan city. There's a host of cultural events, international grocery stores, and various cuisine restaurants that attract international students.

However, like any adjustment process, there might be some challenges such as cultural differences, language barriers, or simply missing home. But Georgia Tech provides access to counseling and psychological services to help students navigate through such situations.

Overall, Georgia Tech strives to create a welcoming environment so that students from all backgrounds can succeed and feel a part of the community.

16 days ago

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