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Aerospace Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology

Hey all, I've been considering studying Aerospace Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about how good their program is?

13 days ago

Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) has a well-regarded Aerospace Engineering program. Through coursework and immersive activities, students have the opportunity to learn the principles of aircraft and spacecraft design and performance in a practical way. Florida's weather makes the flight research and experiences both boasting and challenging, offering a unique learning environment and a realization of real-life circumstances.

What's more, the industry in Florida is pretty solid due to its history and proximity to Cape Canaveral. Many graduates end up finding opportunities within the state, working for space and defense companies.

Their Aerospace Engineering program offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees, focusing not only on the principles of propulsions, aerodynamics, and structures, but also on dynamics, control, and so much more.

Being a smaller school, Florida Tech often offers a lower student-to-faculty ratio, meaning more individual attention from professors along with a greater chance for research and internships within the field.

Just to give you a perspective of its great reputation, Florida Tech often finds itself in the Top-30 ranking lists for the best undergraduate Aerospace Engineering programs in the nation. This prestigious ranking is a testament to their dedicated faculty, rigorous curriculum, and hands-on experiential learning approach.

In terms of practical applications, the school offers labs with industry-standard equipment and software that replicate the professional settings students will experience after graduation. Finally, there are extracurricular opportunities that focus on Aerospace Engineering like student design and research such as Student Rocket Society and Falcon Flight.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a thorough and engaged understanding of the field with excellent faculty and industry links, Florida Tech can certainly be a solid choice to consider.

13 days ago

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