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FSU Student-Faculty Ratio: Important or not?

I've been looking into FSU and I noticed their student-faculty ratio isn't as low as some other colleges I'm considering. How much should this ratio factor into my decision? Is a low ratio more beneficial, or does it not matter as much in the grand scheme of things?

25 days ago

The student-faculty ratio can be a factor in deciding, but it should not be the sole or determining factor. It provides a rough measure of the number of students per instructor, which can be indicative of average class sizes and potential for individual attention. A lower student-faculty ratio can sometimes mean smaller classes and more personal interactions with professors, which some students find beneficial.

However, it does not guarantee that all classes will be small, as some general education courses may still be fairly large. Some students also prefer the energy and diversity of larger classes, so the preference here can vary greatly from person to person.

More importantly, it's the quality of the faculty and the education that should matter more. Great professors and instructors can foster excellent educational experiences regardless of the size of the classes.

In addition, different fields of study can have different optimal class sizes. For instance, in a science lab or a creative writing class where hands-on instruction and individual feedback are very important, a smaller class could be beneficial. On the other hand, in a large lecture course in subjects like history or psychology, a bigger class may not necessarily detract from the educational experience.

Overall, consider the student-faculty ratio as one of many factors in your decision-making process. Look at the department of your intended major, what kind of educational experience you're looking for, the resources available for students, internships opportunities, and other aspects of the student life experience.

25 days ago

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