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Is Fresno State's Liberal Studies Major a Good Pre-Law Option?

Hey guys, I'm keen on going to law school after undergrad but I'm also really interested in Liberal Studies. Would pursuing this major at Fresno State be wise? I'm particularly interested in how well the coursework would prepare me for rigorous legal studies. Thanks!

18 days ago

Choosing a major in Liberal Studies can be a completely viable pathway to law school and often provides a well-rounded and interdisciplinary foundation that proves beneficial in a legal context. Like many other majors, what's most vital is excelling in your classes and developing your critical thinking, writing, research, and analysis skills -- all of which are rallied intensively in a Liberal Studies program.

The coursework in this major at Fresno State, due to its breadth over a variety of disciplines, would likely equip you with a multifaceted perspective and versatile skills that would be useful in law school. You'd explore social, cultural, historical, artistic, and political perspectives, often encouraging a deeper understanding of human experience – a valuable knowledge base for anyone looking to enter the legal field.

However, it's worth noting that law schools generally don't prefer one major over another, and hence academic performance, LSAT scores, and extracurricular experiences often play a far more critical role. For instance, practical experiences like internships or positions at a legal office, participation in a pre-law society, or experience with a mock trial team can go a long way in strengthening your law school application.

Finally, consider taking advantage of the pre-law advising resources available to you at Fresno State. They can provide more specific and personalized guidance regarding your academic choices and potential law school trajectory. It’s a good idea to speak with a pre-law advisor to make sure you’re meeting any prerequisite courses and are on track with any recommended courses or extracurriculars.

In summary, while Liberal Studies can certainly provide a strong academic background for law school, remember that your major is just one piece of the puzzle. Excelling acadically, gaining related experience, and acing your LSAT will all be key parts of your law school application.

18 days ago

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