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How hard is it to get into Green River College?

Hey guys, I'm starting to look at colleges for after high school and Green River College seems like a pretty cool place. However, I'm a little nervous about whether I'd get accepted or not. Does anyone know their acceptance rate?

22 days ago

It's great that you're considering Green River College! As a community college, Green River College has an open admission policy. This policy is also known as an open-door policy and it means the school generally accepts all students so long as they have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

However, some specific programs within the college may have additional admission requirements. For instance, Nursing and Aviation programs might have selective acceptance and may require specific prerequisites or a higher academic standard. Therefore, you'd need to look at the specific program you're interested in to understand the admission criteria.

Remember that even though the overall acceptance rate is technically 100%, you should be prepared to meet all the requirements for the specific program you're interested in, particularly if it's one of the more selective ones. Be sure to check the details of the program on the Green River College website or reach out to their admissions department to get the most accurate information. Good luck!

22 days ago

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