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What's the ethnic diversity like at Harvard University?

Hey folks! I'm big on cultural diversity and it's something I'm considering in my college choice. Does anyone know how diverse Harvard University is in regard to ethnicity? Are there a lot of international students? Any info would be great!

26 days ago

Harvard University is known for its diverse student population and commitment to inclusivity. The student body comprises individuals from different ethnic backgrounds, and Harvard has made strides in increasing diversity in recent years.

As of the latest data, around half of Harvard's student population identifies as an ethnic minority. This includes students who identify as Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and multiracial.

In addition to domestic diversity, Harvard has a significant population of international students, constituting approximately 12% of the total student body. These students come from over 150 different countries, further contributing to the cultural richness of the college experience at Harvard.

On campus, there are also numerous cultural and ethnic organizations that cater to diverse interests and backgrounds. These groups provide platforms to share unique cultures, engage in civic discussions, and create a supportive community network.

In sum, if you're seeking a college atmosphere packed with ethnic diversity, Harvard certainly fits that description. It provides a wealth of opportunities to engage with different cultures, which makes for a vibrant and diverse learning environment.

26 days ago

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