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Journalism at Penn State - What's It Like?

Hey guys, so I've been thinking about Penn State for a while and their journalism program really caught my eye. I know it's highly regarded, but do any of you know what the course load is like, or what kind of opportunities (like internships or student-run publications) they offer? Would appreciate any insight!

25 days ago

Hi there! You're right that Penn State has a strong reputation for journalism. Studying in the Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications, you'll be able to choose from several areas of focus within journalism such as digital/print journalism and broadcast journalism.

The Bellisario College has a reputation for an intense but manageable course load. Digital and print journalism often involves writing news stories and in-depth features for class, while the broadcasting emphasis typically requires students to put together newscasts or radio broadcasts. I would certainly suggest bolstering your organization and time management skills to handle the challenging but rewarding course load.

As for opportunities, there are many! On campus, there's The Daily Collegian, an independent, student-run newspaper where students can gain first-hand journalism experience. There are also other student-run publications that offer the chance to dive into journalism and publishing including VALLEY Magazine, a lifestyle and fashion magazine, and Phroth, a humor magazine.

Penn State also has an excellent internships program with opportunities locally and also in major media markets. The Office of Internships and Career Services in the Bellisario College is very proactive in helping students secure internships that will help them gain practical experience and enhance their resumes.

Additionally, for international journalism experience, you could consider the "International Reporting" class which involves travel to a foreign country to work on a multimedia reporting project.

Definitely explore all the opportunities that the university offers and take full advantage of them. There's a lot to be gained from being part of such an active learning community!

25 days ago

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