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LIU Post Ranking?

Hey guys, just a quick question. How's the ranking for LIU Post? I've been considering this school but I'm not really sure how it ranks compared to other similar institutions. Is it reputable? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

15 days ago

Hey, good for you for doing due diligence on the school! It's always a great idea to understand how a college ranks before you make a decision.

LIU Post, also known as Long Island University Post, does have a solid reputation in some areas, but like every school, it's important to consider that rankings can be dependent on the specific program or field of study. For instance, it is known for its business and education programs. If you're pursuing a degree in those fields, you might find the school quite reputable.

The U.S. News & World Report, a well-established organization in college ranking, generally places LIU Post in the "National Universities" category under the "Rank Not Published" section. This implies that while it is considered a national university, it does not rank within the top three quarters of this category.

In terms of overall reputation, rankings are just one factor to consider. It's equally important to think about factors such as the school's campus culture, resources, faculty, location, and cost when making a decision.

One strategy to further research LIU Post might be to look at similar schools and compare them based on factors important to you. You could also reach out to current students or alumni to gain first-hand experiences and insights.

Remember, ultimately the best university is the one that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals, so rather than focusing solely on rankings, find an institution that aligns with your individual needs and aspirations.

15 days ago

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