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Location Check - Northern Kentucky University

Hi all, I'm a little uncertain about where Northern Kentucky University is. Can someone let me know? Also, how’s the general feel of the campus and the surrounding community? Any input is appreciated, cheers!

25 days ago

Northern Kentucky University (NKU) is located in Highland Heights, Kentucky - a suburban city that's about a 15 minute drive away from Cincinnati, Ohio. This gives students access to a mix of settings: the relative tranquility of suburbia along with the liveliness and opportunities available in a nearby urban center.

As for campus life, NKU is known for its inviting and friendly atmosphere. The university offers a wide array of campus amenities including state-of-the-art classrooms, numerous recreational facilities, and various dining spots, making it easy to find your comfort zone.

The surrounding community also embraces the university and its students. Students often participate in community volunteer work or internships offered by local businesses. Also, with Cincinnati being a short drive away, students have options to enjoy city life, from art centers and music festivals to sports events and a variety of food locations.

So, NKU certainly offers a balanced campus experience, blending opportunities for recreational activities, engaging in the local community, and the perk of experiencing city life in neighboring Cincinnati.

25 days ago

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